This is a test for placement into WSU Chemistry classes, NOT for course credit. If you are interested in credit by exam, please visit the CLEP page for more information.

The purpose of the Chemistry Placement Exam is to determine appropriate course placement for introductory Chemistry coursework. Several introductory courses at Wayne State University (WSU) are taught with the expectation that the student has attained a certain level of prior knowledge and skill in the subject. Placement tests have been designed to ensure that you have the required prior knowledge before taking a class. It is better to be placed into a lower level course by an examination than to fail a higher-level course for which you are not adequately prepared. Prepare to do your best by reviewing the material on the web sites indicated and getting plenty of rest the night before your exam(s).  

Unlike the other placement tests, ACT/SAT scores can not be used for Chemistry placement. Please consult this chart for majors which require the Chemistry Placement Exam.

About the exam

The Chemistry Placement Examination is for those students wishing to enroll in CHM 1040, or CHM 1100/1125 and CHM 1130, the laboratory co-requisite. The examination is a computer-based 40-item multiple-choice test timed for 90 minutes. The exam content is based on a one-year high school chemistry course that included a laboratory. A periodic table with additional reference information is provided. A non-graphing/non-programmable calculator is allowed and is required to complete the mathematical calculations on the exam. Review material is available at This examination may only be taken once per semester. 

Chemistry test placement criteria
Test Score Course Placement Restrictions
28 or above CHM 1100/1125 and 1130 use within 4 semesters
20 to 27 CHM 1040

Students can participate in an online program to meet the prerequisite requirement for the higher level course.  

Contact Erin Bachert at for information.

19 or Below

CHM 1040

use within 4 semesters

Mathematics Requirement for Chemistry

Students are required to achieve Mathematics Placement beyond MAT 0993 prior to enrollment in CHM 1040.  Questions about pre-requisite requirements for Chemistry courses can be directed to Erin Bachert, Academic Services Officer I, Chemistry Department, at 

Examination schedule

On-Campus Administrations

  1. On campus administrations will be held at the location identified in your registration confirmation email.
  2. Students should not expect any other notifications, but should check their WSU Access ID email the day before their test for possible announcements.

Online administrations

  1. Online administrations are offered as a convenience for students who have difficulty coming to campus.
  2. Online administrations are proctored via Zoom.
  3. Students registered for online administrations will be sent instructions and the Zoom link to their WSU Access ID email address by 6:00 p.m. the day before the exam. Monday administrations will be sent the directions on Friday.
  4. If directions are not received by this time, send an email to that evening so that the office can deal with it first thing in the morning.
  5. Students taking the test online are responsible for their own equipment and internet connections.  An incomplete test due to failure of equipment or connection will still be considered an actual attempt and in most cases cannot be accommodated for with a retest or other considerations. Click here for further online testing information.

Important Scheduling Notes

  1. The dates listed below are the offered exams this testing period and, except where noted are open to all students.
  2. Within the test registration program, ASTRO, dates will not appear if they have been filled or registration has closed.  It is recommended that you identify multiple desired dates from this list before going to ASTRO. 
  3. Within the test registration program, ASTRO, you will see several online 4:00 p.m. administrations that do not appear in the list below.  These administrations are restricted for new first-year students starting in the fall of 2024.  Please do not register for any of those dates if that identification does not apply to you. Improper registrations for those dates are subject to cancellation.
Day Date Time Location
Tuesday June 4 10:00 AM online
Wednesday June 5 2:00 PM on campus
Thursday June 6 9:30 AM on campus
Monday June 10 10:00 AM online
Wednesday June 12 9:30 AM on campus
Wednesday June 12 2:00 PM on campus
Monday June 17 1:00 PM on campus
Thursday June 20 9:30 AM online
Monday June 24 1:00 PM on campus
Thursday June 27 9:30 AM online
Monday July 1 10:00 AM on campus
Wednesday July 3 10:00 AM online

**The Testing and Evaluation Office will be relocating to a new building on campus at the beginning of July. 

We hope to be back in business to admininster exams the week of July 15 and if the dates that week (listed below **)

work best for you, we encourage you to register for them.  If we are unable to resume by then, you will be notified as far in advance as possible. 

Tuesday **July 16 10:00 AM online
Wednesday **July 17 2:00 PM on campus
Friday **July 19 2:00 PM online
Tuesday July 23 10:00 AM on campus
Wednesday July 31 10:00 AM on campus
Monday Aug 5 10:00 AM online
Friday Aug 9 10:00 AM on campus
Tuesday Aug 13 2:30 PM online
Thursday Aug 15 10:00 AM on campus
Monday Aug 19 10:00 AM online
Wednesday Aug 21^^ 10:00 AM on campus
Friday Aug 23^^ 10:00 AM on campus

^^ on these dates, if you cannot report at 10:00 you can report later, between 11:00 and 1:00 and still be tested. 

Do not register for these through ASTRO, send an email to explaining in detail what you would like to do.


Multiple exams may be taken at on-campus administrations.

  • Do not register for more than one exam offered at the same time.
  • Register for any one of the exams offered.
  • Send an email to Identify the test and date that you registered for.  Indicate which other test or tests you would like to take that date. Be sure to include your WSU Access ID in your email.

How to register for an examination

Go to the online registration program, ASTRO, to choose your dates. You will either be required to pay the $25.00 fee with a credit or debit card or will be identified as being under the new student fee waiver program. Paying students will receive an email receipt and all students will receive a registration confirmation. 

  • You should receive your receipt immediately. There may be a delay of up to one hour to receive your registration confirmation.

  • If you do not receive your receipt immediately, wait at least one hour before attempting to submit your payment again.

  • The registration confirmation will be sent to your WSU email address. If it does not appear in your inbox, check your junk or spam folders.

    • The registration confirmation will come from

    • DO NOT reply to this email.

  • If you have not received this confirmation more than one hour after receiving the receipt, or have any questions, send an email to

Prior to and on the day of the examination 

  • For online administrations, you will be sent detailed instructions by 6:00 p.m. the day before the exam.

    • These instructions will be sent to your WSU access ID email address. If you do not find them in your inbox, check your Junk or Spam folders.

    • If you have not receieved them send an email to and they will be resent the morning of the exam. 

  • For on-campus administrations, be sure to have your identification with you

  • For both administration types, the test will be administered through the Canvas Learning Management System.  You log into this system using your own WSU Access ID and password. 

Rescheduling and refunds

  1. You may reschedule a test registration a maximum of three times per fee payment.
    • To reschedule log into ASTRO, select My Exams
    • Exams available for reschedule will be presented, select the exam and date you want.
    • An upcoming test reschedule can be made the day before the test and the day after the test, but not the day of the test.
    • We do not recommend using the postpone option within ASTRO.
  2. A refund can be processed only if it is made before the day of the examination. Requests for refunds made on or after the examination date, or after the third reschedule, cannot be honored.
  3. Examination fees not rescheduled or refunded are subject to forfeiture after one calendar year.
  4. Test fees are subject to change without notice.

Special accommodations

If you have a documented disability that requires testing accommodations, you will need to register with Student Disability Services for coordination of these accommodations. The Student Disability Services (SDS) office is located at 1600 David Adamany Undergraduate Library in the Student Academic Success Services Department. To schedule an appointment, call 313-577-1851. Information about SDS can be found at .

Use our online registration system ASTRO once you have read and understood the instructions above.