Testing, Evaluation and Research Services

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Testing, Evaluation, and Research Services are dedicated to providing fair, secure, and professional testing and assessment services to students, faculty, and administrators. These services support:


Our department is committed to ongoing assessment.

Services Available


  • Placement exams for course selection.
  • Credit by examination.
  • Test-out options for general education.
  • National tests including the GRE, Praxis, LSAT, and TOEFL.

Student Evaluation of Teaching

  • Helping faculty document their performance.
  • Providing reports for committees and administrators.
  • Informing student decisions about course registration.

Research and Faculty Exam Scoring

  • Helping faculty reduce the scoring load in large courses.
  • Providing assistance in test item improvement.
  • Conducting an ongoing assessment of the office.
  • Managing large scale university assessments such as the NSSE, FSSE, or CIRP.