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Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) is part of the university's mission to enrich and enhance the quality of student education. We provide deans, chairs, and directors with tools to support teaching improvement within your areas.

Selecting the right SET coordinator is important. Coordinating the Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) process can be a time-consuming task, and the SET coordinator needs adequate time to plan, organize, and execute the evaluation process effectively. Their tasks require knowledge of departmental policies and team-taught courses, collaboration with those in charge of course scheduling, and working closely with instructors. So, it is essential that SET coordinators have the necessary resources, support, and time to carry out their responsibilities effectively.

You may want to consider developing up to ten optional items for your department to use in the SET to provide specific feedback or to assess learning outcomes. You can give the items to your instructors so they can distribute them to their students before the SET administration begins. Remind them to keep a copy of the questions and scale so they can interpret the results.


Testing is part of the university’s mission to assist students in selecting classes where they can be successful and move quickly toward graduation. We rely on advisors to help students discover which tests they need to progress in their academic areas. 

Advisors can also help students find the faculty members who will best meet their academic needs by looking up faculty evaluations online.


Instructors have a significant impact on how students interact with a course, which influences how well they learn. How you interact with students and facilitate learning activities can help or hinder learning. Student Evaluation of Teaching is part of the university’s mission to give faculty tools to strengthen your approach in the classroom. We provide you with student input to help you plan and document your growth as an educator. 

As an instructor, getting feedback from your students is essential to your teaching practice. From interpreting your SET reports to taking action on the feedback you receive from your students, Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) is here to make your course feedback process as easy and valuable as possible. The promotion, tenure, and selective salary committees rely on the Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) information to make decisions.


SET coordinators serve as the voice of the department in the management of courses in the SET online system. We provide you with access to SET online to ensure that the evaluation periods and other details meet the requirements of your areas.  

SET proxies help faculty and administrators access SET reports. We provide you with access to the COGNOS SET report archive within Academica.