Placement and competency exams

Placement exams

Several introductory courses at Wayne State University (WSU) are taught with the expectation that as a student you have attained a certain level of prior knowledge and skill in the subject. Placement tests have been designed to ensure that you have the required prior knowledge before taking a class. It is better to be placed into a lower level course by an examination than to fail a higher-level course for which you are not adequately prepared. 

Placement exams are used to determine your level of knowledge in a subject so that you can choose the class that best suits your skills. They will not tell you which class is appropriate for your major; please consult an advisor if you are unsure.

Placement tests are offered for:

Competency exams

Competency exams are used to meet some sort of degree requirement, whether it is a Wayne State General Education requirement such as Cultural Learning or Global Inquiry, or a particular program's entrance requirement. Certain requirements can be waived based on test scores. Some tests offer course credit and others don't.

For options that offer course credit, please see the sections on CLEP and AP.

The following test options do not offer course credit:

Accessing test results

For most tests, results are displayed upon completion of the test. Results are posted to your student record no later than one week after the test. For some tests, an email notification will be sent to you when they have been posted. Some test results can be seen in ASTRO, under the heading View Exam Results. Degree or program requirements that are satisfied by tests can be seen in Degree Works through Academica. For more information, refer to the directions for your test or contact