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Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) - Exam information

The Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) is a national program administered through the company Language Testing International (LTI). Wayne State University accepts this program to satisfy foreign language requirements. Before participating in this program, students should contact the Department of Classical & Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures to determine if an institutional test is available.

Our center currently remains closed for administration of the two versions of the Oral Proficiency Interview; both the telephone (OPI) and the computer based (OPIc).  We hope to reopen soon and are evaluating when we will be able to do so.

While we remain closed, web-based proctoring is now available for both the telephone interview (OPI) and the computer-based (OPIc). Go to and in the Select a language box, type and then select the language you want and click Get Certified. On the next page go to the side that says Student/Teacher, and second from the bottom find, Language Certification for Programs with ACTFL requirements. Select Choose Test.  Continue to follow the steps from there.

On the page that says to Select Your Proctor, select Web-Based Proctoring Examity.  Wayne State TE&RS is not available.  You must designate Wayne State University as your institution.  When you receive your results from the exam, send an email to including your full name, WSU Access ID, test name and test date.  We will obtain the results and post them to your student record.

Please note that the computer-based version is not available for all languages.  If your language is not listed, contact Arnelle Douglas in the University Advising Center at at, or, the Department of Classical & Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures advisor Chris Clark at for other possible options.

Before scheduling the test, review the information below to determine if it is appropriate for you. Note: As stated above, we are not open as a center for this test. DO NOT follow the scheduling instructions below.


The Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) is administered by Language Testing International (LTI) for the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL).  The Wayne State University Testing Office will serve as proctor for this exam for three specific purposes. 

  1. For WSU undergraduate students taking it to meet the university foreign language General Education requirements,
  2. For undergraduate College of Education students taking it to satisfy the Michigan Test for Teacher Certifications,
  3. For students who have completed their undergraduate degree and are applying to certain Post Bacc and Graduate programs in the College of Education.

Student information

WSU undergraduates, satisfying the general education requirement

The Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) can be used to meet the University General Education foreign language requirement under both the pre-Fall 18 and post-Fall 18 regulations.  Students can also meet the requirement by passing an examination administered by an outside examiner.  For information about these methods of meeting the requirement contact Arnelle Douglas in the University Advising Center at (313) 577-3159 or

The OPI is scored on a 1 10 scale.  A score of 5 is equivalent to passing WSU's intermediate-level language course (2010).  A score of 4 is equivalent to passing 1020.  Neither score of 4 or 5 (or higher) will grant academic credit.  

The foreign language requirement can also be met by placement exams offered through the Department of Classical & Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures.  Exams are offered in the following languages; Spanish, French, Italian, German, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese, Latin, Ancient Greek, Modern Greek, Polish, and Russian.  For information about these options you can visit their web site, and contact the CMLLC advisor Chris Clark at (313) 577-6240 or

You should speak to one or both of the above advisors before requesting the OPI.

College of Education, undergraduate MTTC students and post-bacc and graduate applicants

Undergraduate foreign language majors/minors

Students who have successfully passed the appropriate Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) in foreign language by July 2007 have met the testing requirements for certification and may submit the MTTC results alone.  Students who have not successfully passed the appropriate MTTC in foreign language by July 2007 will be required to take the MTTC test as well as the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI).  Students must receive an OPI score at the Advanced Low level in French, German, Italian, or Spanish, or at the Intermediate High level in Arabic, Chinese, and Russian.  To determine your readiness to take the foreign language test, you may wish to consider the following:  Are the courses in the major/minor substantially complete?  Have you reviewed the test objectives and sample questions from the MTTC website? Please consult your WSU College of Education advisor for any questions you may have, and to decide when it is best for you to take the appropriate foreign language testing.  Advisor approval is required to take the OPI.

Graduate, bilingual-bicultural minors

Effective Winter Semester 2007 students must successfully complete the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) and the Writing Proficiency Test (WPT).  Students must score at the Advanced Low level in a non-English language.  Students in the Post-Bachelor or Master of Arts in Teaching Programs must meet this requirement prior to admission to the Teacher Certification Program.  Undergraduate students must meet this requirement prior to registering for courses in the BBE minor.  Advisor approval is required to take the OPI and WPT.  Visit the WPT webpage for information about this part of the requirement.

Description of the exams

Oral Proficiency Interview

The Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI), is a 20-30 minute live telephone conversation between the student and a certified language proficiency examiner, which is digitally recorded.  During the OPI the student will be asked questions about their interests, work experiences and other familiar topics, and asked to role play.  The student is assessed on their ability to speak the standard form of the target language without using another language or slang.  The student's overall ability to communicate orally in the target language is the only skill being assessed.  Further information is available on the OPI website.

Oral Proficiency Interview Computer

The Oral Proficiency Interview Computer (OPIc) is a 20-40 minute test of spoken proficiency designed to elicit a sample of speech via recorded, computer-adapted voice prompts delivered over the Internet.  Completed tests are digitally saved and evaluated by certified raters.  Each test is individualized through the selection of tasks within topic areas tailored to the student's linguistic ability, work experiences, academic background, and interests.  The student is assessed on their ability to speak the standard form of the target language without using another language or slang.  The student's overall ability to communicate orally in the target language is the only skill being assessed.  Further information is available on the OPIc website, including a demo exam.

Students may choose which version of the exam they wish to take.  The OPI is offered in more than 75 languages.  The OPIc is offered only in Arabic, English, French, German, Korean, Mandarin, Pashto, Persian Farsi, Russian and Spanish.  Any student whose target language is not available in the OPIc would need to take the telephone version of the OPI.

How to schedule an exam at Wayne State (not currently available)

The OPI or OPIc can be taken with an in person proctor at a test center, or via a web-based administration using a remote proctor.  Students testing for WSU College of Education programs must have permission to test from their academic advisor before scheduling the exam.  Students testing for undergraduate General Education should speak to an undergraduate advisor before scheduling the exam.  The OPI or OPIc must be scheduled a minimum of ten business days in advance of the test date.

  1. All testing is done by pre-arranged individual appointment.  Appointments are available Monday through Friday, in the morning between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm, OR the afternoon between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm.  To request an appointment complete the following form, in its entirety:  This form asks you to provide the following information.
    1. Your name, WSU Access ID Number and email address.
    2. The language and version (OPI or OPIc) in which you wish to test.
    3. Your purpose for testing.  Note; College of Education applicants must have received advisor approval before scheduling.
    4. Three specific choices of test date by month, date, and time of day (morning or afternoon).  It also provides space to indicate non-date specific availability, in case your specific choices are not available.
  2. Upon receipt of your completed form, the Testing Office will identify the two dates for which they can accommodate you and will send to you an email with those dates and your instructions to submit your application to Language Testing International (LTI).  DO NOT submit an application to LTI until you have received these confirmed dates from the Testing, Evaluation and Research services.
  3. After you have submitted your application to LTI, they will send to both you and the Testing Office a confirmation of your registration. For the OPI-telephone interview the confirmation will include your exact date and time. Upon receipt of this confirmation, the Testing Office will send you a final confirmation with your reporting and payment instructions.  The $30.00 service fee payable to Wayne State will be due at this time.


In person test administration

  • OPI: $145.00 test fee payable to Language Testing International plus a $30.00 service fee payable to Wayne State University
  • OPIc: $73.00 test fee payable to Language Testing International plus a $30.00 service fee payable to Wayne State University

Web-based proctoring

  • OPI: $145.00 test fee plus a $20.00 web-based proctoring - Examity fee, both payable to Language Testing International
  • OPIc: $73.00 test fee plus a $35.00 web-based proctoring - Examity fee, both payable to Language Testing International