In lieu of  placement testing, the English Department is using directed self-placement for classes.  

If you need help to determine your ENG 1010/1020 placement, please complete the steps listed here

The American College Test (ACT) score in English or the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) score in Writing is used to determine placement into the appropriate basic composition course, either ENG 1010 or 1020.

All students must demonstrate competence in basic English composition prior to completing thirty credits by completing the course ENG 1020, Introductory College Writing.

Students not ready for ENG 1020 should begin with ENG 1010 Basic Writing.

The ACT/SAT chart will identify where you should begin.


English test placement criteria for ENG 1010 and ENG 1020 courses
Course placements Test taken Required score Restrictions

ENG 1020

ACT or SAT on

or after August 2021

ACT English = 21 or higher

Old SAT Writing = 480 or higher

New SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing = 520 or higher

Highest valid score only

ENG 1010

ACT or SAT on

or after August 2021

ACT English = 01-20

Old SAT Writing = 470 or below

New SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing = 510 or below

Highest valid score only


If you did not take ACT/SAT or believe your ACT/SAT scores do not reflect your ability, the English Department had this free self-assessment to help you decide.

Students can also demonstrate competence in basic composition by:

  • Earning credit for basic composition through Advanced Placement, CLEP, or International Baccalaureate; OR
  • Transferring credit received for completing a comparable course with a grade of C or better at another college or university.

Writing support for students is available at the Writing, Research, and Technology Zone