Coordinator responsibilities

SET coordinators play an essential role in the SET process. An email that lists the courses available in your area is released each semester. Each coordinator is responsible for determining which courses should or should not be evaluated and for adjustments to the course evaluation period. If SET responsibilities should be completed by a different staff person other than yourself, please have the chair or dean complete the Update list of SET coordinators form under the left menu. 


  • Check A guide to online Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) for answers to some typical questions you may have.
  • Want to see what the faculty receives in their invitation? Click on the link to View faculty online invitation.
  • Ensure accuracy and completeness in Banner and Wise before Census Day. 
  • Remove all courses that are 'not to be evaluated' to help the accuracy of response rates.
  • When developing team-taught courses, ensure that all instructors who should be evaluated have at least 1% responsibility. Assigning 0% to graders or administrators who should not be evaluated is still acceptable.
  • Act on behalf of the chair and instructor to request changes occurring after Census Day. 

Evaluation period

  • New Feature: The SET Committee has granted faculty members the flexibility to modify their evaluation period. Please ensure that faculty members are advised of this change, as it will allow them to adjust according to their preferences. Some faculty members may require support with these adjustments, so be prepared to help those who need it. See Faculty date adjustments guide.
  • Be sure the evaluation period does not extend into finals and the instructor has not posted grades.
  • SET coordinators must have permission from their dean/chair when extending the evaluation period beyond the last day of classes into Finals. 

Faculty engagement

  • Share the course evaluation period with faculty and advise them to share it with their students. 
  • If you have issues or questions about online SET, submit a SET Technical Support request, and a SET team member will assist you.  


The timeline below is to help SET coordinators in processing your departmental courses for online Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET). You may also need to consult with your faculty to ensure that the appropriate courses and instructors are evaluated. 


  • Notify SET of early-ending winter courses by the end of the first week of classes.
  • Check winter courses in WISE. Complete before the Census date.


  • Identify in Blue full-term courses to opt out
  • Make corrections in Blue to evaluation period dates.


  • Check all spring and summer courses in WISE before the last day to drop classes for the spring/summer term.
  • Identify in Blue spring and spring/summer courses to opt-out.


  • Identify in Blue summer courses to opt-out.


  • Notify SET of early-ending fall courses by the end of the first week of classes.
  • Check the fall courses in WISE. Complete before the Census date.


  • Identify in Blue full-term courses to opt-out. 
  • Make corrections in Blue to evaluation period dates.