Combining reports

We emailed each department chair a survey regarding their thoughts on discontinuing combined reports for course cross-listings beginning Winter 2022. We value the input you provided.

We recognize that some of you are concerned about the elimination of this feature. Before making this decision, we investigated the number of departments that used the cross-listing option and discovered that a small fraction, only 14%, of University departments require cross-listing reports which helped in our decision.

The Online SET system does not support cross-listed courses. Although there is a cross-list code in Banner, it is used differently by each department. There is no rule that we can apply across the board to all courses; they must be manually processed individually. This process was time-consuming and held up Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) reporting for the entire university.

This decision was not an easy one to make, and that is why we hope you will understand our dilemma. We want to address some of the concerns you shared below:

  1. Some of you have indicated that instructors will not get reports for low enrollment courses. This is not true. 

While the data will not appear in the official Summary reports, it is available in the Chairs Exception report. With faculty permission, it can be manually combined with your summary information by downloading the report from COGNOS in Excel.  

The following cases are considered unofficial but made available in the Chairs Exception Report: 

  • Courses with response rates lower than five and greater than 2. (Individual Reports are also provided to faculty.) 
  • Courses with response rates lower than 3. (Individual Reports are not provided to faculty to protect student confidentiality.) 

The instructor must be officially registered in Banner to receive a report. For each course reference number, the instructor will receive a different report. If your preference is to combine these CRNs, see item 2 below. 

  1. Some have indicated that combining cross-listings cannot be done. This is not true. 

The video on this page contains instructions for how you or your department can combine scores from cross-listed courses using a "weighted mean."

We understand you may have concerns. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have by completing a SET Service Request Form, and one of our team members will assist you.