Technical support

Before submitting a ticket regarding a SET issue, it is always a good idea to check the General inquiry section to see if a solution to your problem or question is listed. This can save you time and effort in submitting a ticket.

If a solution Is not available, proceed to submit a SET technical support ticket. Be sure to provide as much detail as possible about your issue or inquiry. This will help the SET support team to understand your problem and provide an appropriate solution.

It is also important to provide accurate contact information so the SET support team can contact you when we need more information to address the issue.

General inquiries

  • Evaluation period: The evaluation period is over, and students want to submit an evaluation. Faculty may contact their departmental SET coordinator for an evaluation period extension.
  • Accessing online SET: There are three ways for faculty and students to access online SET:
    1. Through the Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) link on Canvas.
    2. Through the link provided in the Invitation email, or
    3. Log into the online SET system directly (enter accessID and password).
  • Canvas: The faculty Student Evaluation of Teaching link does not appear in Canvas:
    • Please confirm with C&IT that your course is set up in Canvas or
    • More than likely, the link needs to be made visible. Log into Canvas and choose "Settings" on the bottom left, then select the "Navigation" tab at the top. A list of possible headers should appear. Drag "Student Evaluation of Teaching" into the active box, and you should be set or
    • When the course assessment is unavailable in Canvas, the message "Thank you for participating in the SET!" displays. Contact your departmental SET coordinator for the evaluation period of your course. 
    • If it does appear, but the link does not work, please submit a SET technical support request below.
    • Please contact your departmental SET coordinator regarding any questions or adjustments to your evaluation setup. 

SET technical support request (STSR) 

To submit an STSR, simply click on the option below that best suits your needs.

NOTE:  Once you submit your request, the Cherwell Portal page will appear to indicate that your request has been received. We will try to complete your request as quickly as possible. For a quick turnaround, please provide as much detail as possible on the form selected.