Participation strategies

The following are strategies that may be beneficial to share with your students. You might want to let them know that you value their thoughts and are curious as to what they have to say about your course and you personally as an instructor. There are additional helpful suggestions in the improving feedback document as well.

Strategies to think about

  • Remind students that faculty do not receive evaluation results until after the evaluation period has ended and grades posted.
  • Share with your students the evaluation period for your course. You can get this information from your SET coordinator or your Invitation email; look at your Response Rate Dashboard screen under the View setting.  
  • You may want to add course evaluations to your syllabus.
  • Have students complete a short essay assignment about their participation in SET. Their responses will give insight into their view of course evaluations and identify ways that you can use to increase their involvement.

Share with students when evaluations are online

  1. Explain that their evaluation can be accessed on computers, laptops, or mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Completing evaluations in class gives students sufficient notice to bring their electronic devices.
  2. Let them know an invitation email is sent to their WSU email explaining how to access their evaluation.
  3. Advise students who do not receive their evaluation to check their junk, spam, or clutter folders. Some may forward their WSU email to their personal email account; they should check there as well. Also, during the evaluation period, reminder emails are sent to students who have not completed their SET survey.
  • Give an example of how student feedback has improved your course.
  • Show the video SET: Every semester. Every student in class or set up a link in Canvas. The video explains why student participation in SET is so important.