Advisor support

We have a lot of testing information available in the Students section of our website. Take a look at those pages when you need information about student tests in general, want to help a student find the best-matched instructor, review specific placement or competency exam information, national testing options and more.

Changes at testing

  • Are you noticing that someone should have met the Quantitative Experience (QE) requirement but it is not reflected in Degree Works? Take a closer look at the test details. Is the test score official? QE is considered high stakes, so we require an official score for placement.
  • Students who want to challenge their SAT placement into Math or English cannot place lower by taking our internal placement test. However, in Biology, it is possible to place lower by taking our placement test.
  • We are now accepting WSU OneCard for identification at university placement tests. 
  • We are now giving the Math placement test on a computer, in a comfortable, air-conditioned lab. Students found this to be a great experience last summer.
  • We are now accepting Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) for English, as it is more commonly available on student transcripts.
  • Placements into english, mathematics, chemistry, and biology are now in a simple level system of 1, 2, 3, etc., detailed in the bulletin.
  • STARS has been updated to indicate the new placements.


Bulletin resources

Academica report resources for advising


Tips for Academica reports

  • If the link to the Drill through report does not work, ask your computer support staff to allow pop-ups on your browser.
  • These reports work on Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer. They do not work on Edge or Firefox.
  • If the graduation report does not allow you to enter options, go up to the green triangle, the run button on the top left-hand corner of the report to restart the report.
  • Liberal Arts is an available option, but Liberal Arts and Sciences is the best choice for up-to-date students.
  • The Orientation report reflects the orientation a student has registered for, not necessarily the major they have selected.


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