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In the past, students would share information regarding a course or instructor. Thanks to collaboration with the student senate, we created a tool that provides students access to instructor evaluations so that you may research independently to determine which course or instructor best fits your needs. You may perform a search by either subject (course) or professor name.

PLEASE NOTE: To access an instructor's information, you must be logged in to Academica. If you have a question or concern, submit an SSR General Inquiry request; entering more information than less is always preferable and will allow us to provide more detailed assistance to you.

Access the new, improved web report

How to search by professor name

To search by professor name, you may use the faculty member's first name, last name, or Access ID.

  1. Select a Subject (Course) from the drop-down menu.
  2. Next, enter the professor's name or AccessID.
  3. Click on Search by professor.
  4. Look under PROFESSORS.
  5. Click on the professor's name. (If not already logged in, you will be taken to the Academica Login screen.)
  6. Select the name/semester you would like to view; the details for the instructor will be presented.

How to search by subject/course

The following are the steps to look up instructors by course.

  1. Select a Subject (Course) from the drop-down menu.
  2. Click on Search by course.
  3. Look under Courses.
  4. Click on the course link you would like to view. (If not logged into Academica, you will be taken to the Academica Login screen.)
  5. The SUMMARY REPORT will appear with a list of instructors who have taught the course.
  6. Click any individual instructor's name to see their details.

Use the evaluation tool.

Search for course and faculty evaluations.