Math Placement and Quantitative Experience

Mathematics Placement Exam, Course Placement and Quantitative Experience after May 8, 2018

There are significant changes occurring with regard to math course placement and course prerequisites for Fall 2018.  The Math Placement Exam (MPE) itself changed as of May 8, 2018.  If you wish to see information regarding the exam version prior to May 8, please refer to this web site.

Quantitative Experience General Education Requirement Beginning Fall 2018

Students who need to meet the Quantitative Experience (QE) general education requirement should discuss which course to take with their major advisor.  However, the following is given as general information regarding meeting the requirement.

  1. If MAT 1050 or above is needed to meet the student's specific degree requirements, they will meet QE through that path by obtaining a C or above in at least one of their required math course sequence or by obtaining a course placement at the level of MAT 1800 or above through ACT, SAT or the Math Placement Exam (MPE).
  2. If a student is not required to take any of the sequence outlined above, but still needs to meet QE, they can do so by:
    1. Taking any course designated as a QE course at WSU and obtaining at least a C.
    2. Transferring any course that is designated as a QE course or that meets the other institution's MTA requirements.
    3. Placing into level 3 on the Mathematics Placement Exam.
    4. Obtaining a score of 25 or better on the ACT math, a 580 or higher on the SAT math before March 2016, or a 600 or higher on the SAT math March 2016 or later.  An official score report is required.
    5. Achieve an acceptable score on one of the following tests:  AP-CEEB, or CLEP.  Go to for details.

Mathematics course placement

All students who plan to take MAT 1050, 1070, 1110, 1120, 1800, 2010 or STA 2210 as their first mathematics course at Wayne State University (WSU) must place into the course according to the policies of the WSU Department of Mathematics. To determine the best course or test to take, students should consult with an academic advisor.

ACT, SAT and the Mathematics Placement Exam (MPE) can be used for placement in mathematics. If there is a discrepancy between a valid MPE score and the most recent valid ACT or SAT math score, the higher placement will be used.

What Makes an ACT, SAT or MPE Placement Score Valid (Validated)?

  1. ACT or SAT – If you have taken the ACT and/or SAT more than once, only the most recent score will be considered, regardless of whether it is the ACT or the SAT.  However, if the most recent ACT and/or SAT scores were taken during the same month and year, the highest score will be used.  For MAT 1050, 1070, 1110, 1120, 1800 or 2010 using an ACT or SAT Math score will be valid for two years from the date the exam was taken. The policy limiting the score to being used in the first year of coursework was discontinued March, 2018. Placement for STA 2210 the score does not expire.
  2. Math Placement Exam – For MAT 1050, 1070, 1110, 1120, 1800 or 2010, scores will be honored for three semesters: the semester for which the examination was taken and the two semesters immediately following. For the purposes of counting, there are three semesters: Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer.  For STA 2210 the score does not expire.
    • If a student is taking MAT 1050, 1070, 1110, 1120, 1800, 2010, or STA 2210 for a third or fourth time, the placement exam must be retaken even if the student has a valid placement score. Please contact Kim Morgan at before taking the exam if you are attempting a course for a third or fourth time. There is a specific process to follow. 
  3. Transfer Credit – The Math Department does not take transfer credit to act as a prerequisite for the following courses – MAT 1050, 1070, 1110, 1120, 1800 or 2010.  For all other courses the Math Department will accept transfer credit.
  4. Quantitative Experience – Starting in Fall 2018, math courses other than MAT 1050 and higher that meet the Quantitative Experience general education requirement do not have prerequisites.  Examples are MAT 1000 and STA 1020.

Course Placement Using an American College Test (ACT) Math Score or Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) Math Score 1,2


ACT Math Score

SAT Math Score 



29 or higher3

670 or higher

 MAT 2010 or lower and STA 2210


26 or higher

620 or higher

MAT 1110, 1120, 1800 or lower


25 or higher

600 or higher

Quantitative Experience general education  requirement is met4


21 or higher

530 or higher

MAT 1070 or lower


20 or lower or no ACT

520 or lower or no SAT

MAT 0993, 1000, or STA 1020 

1. The course you should choose is determined by your intended major. Please consult an academic advisor.

2. See "What Makes an ACT, SAT or MPE Placement Score Valid (Validated)?" above this chart for restrictions to placement.

3. An SAT math score of 650 or higher from an exam taken prior to March 2016 will allow entrance into STA 2210 without expiration.

4 An SAT math score of 580 or higher from an exam taken prior to March 2016 will meet the Quantitative Experience general education requirement, without expiration.

Course placement by WSU Mathematics Placement Examination (MPE)

Any student who does not place into a MAT course using an ACT or SAT Math score as described above must take the MPE to determine MAT course placement. Students are also welcome to take the exam if they have taken the ACT and/or SAT, if they would like to attempt to place into a higher course.

The MPE may only be taken twice, whether it is the old exam, the new exam or a combination of both.  Students should enroll in the course they are placed into the first time they take the test. However, all students may take the test one additional time within six months of the first attempt. You must wait more than two weeks before repeating the exam. If you wish to retest within three weeks of your first exam, please contact the Testing Office to confirm eligibility. After two attempts at the examination, students must enroll in the course into which they are placed within three semesters.

MPE Description and Study Guides

The examination is interactive and on the Accuplacer computer platform.  The length of the exam will be determined by what course(s) you are trying to place into. There are 4 subtests, but no student will take more than 3.  Each subtest has anywhere from 12-20 questions.  An onscreen calculator is only allowed on a select portion of questions, so be prepared to do all problems without a calculator. No aids (e.g., a handheld calculator) are permitted.  All subtests have a 40 minute time limit, so total test administration time, including checking ID, logging in, etc., will be no more than approximately 2 1/2 hours. Study guides, resources and tutoring that are free for admitted and current students are available at The examination fee is $37.00.

Mathematics Course Placement Using the Mathematics Placement Exam 1,2

After May 8, 2018 the Math Placement Exam is adaptive and therefore scores will vary for each level.  If you have questions regarding your specific placement score, please contact Kim Morgan at

Level 4

MAT 2010 or lower and STA 2210

Level 3

MAT 1110, 1120, 1800 or lower

Level 2

MAT 1070 or lower

Level 1

MAT 0993, MAT 1000 or STA 1020 (These courses do not require any placement to enroll.)

1. The course you should choose is determined by your intended major. Please consult an academic advisor.

2. See "What Makes an ACT, SAT or MPE Placement Score Valid (Validated)?" above this chart for restrictions to placement.

If you place into a course below the level that you had expected, you may either take the lower level course or study independently and retake the examination if you are eligible to do so.

Once you have taken the examination, your results and placement are sent to the email address you designated and posted online at under the Tests sub-heading.

Examination results/repeats

The MPE results you receive will list the math course(s) you are eligible to take within the time period specified. You may only take the MPE two times. You must wait more than two weeks before repeating the exam. If you wish to retest within three weeks of your first exam, please contact the Testing Office to confirm eligibility. A second attempt must be completed within six months of the first attempt.

Rescheduling, refunds, and fees

1. You may reschedule a test registration a maximum of three times per fee payment. 
2. Refunds are available if they are requested before the day of the examination. Requests for refunds made on or after the examination date, or after the third reschedule, cannot be honored.
3. Examination fees not rescheduled or refunded are subject to forfeiture after one calendar year.
4. Test fees are subject to change without notice.

On the day of the examination

Bring your WSU OneCard, or government-issued, current, signed, photo-bearing identification (e.g., driver's license, state ID). The identification presented must be an original document.  Valid identification is required to test. No aids are permitted. Scratch paper and pencils are provided.  Be on time. Late arrivals will not be admitted.

Examination schedule

Exams taken on these dates are good for Winter 2020 Spring/Summer 2020, and Fall 2020 placement.

The dates listed below indicate when the exam will be administered.  Their inclusion on this list does not necessarily mean that the date is available at this time.  These dates may close, reopen, and close again as students register and drop out prior to the test date.  Only the available dates will appear in the test registration system, select two or three of them from this list before logging into the system.


The following dates have all been cancelled pursuant to the Governors Executive Order of March 23, 2020.  Please check for updates.


























How to register for an examination

The examination is not administered on a walk-in basis. You must register to reserve a seat for the examination at least two business days in advance of the desired test date provided that room capacity has not already been reached.

1. In Person Registration: If you wish to pay your test fee(s) with a check, money order, or WSU OneCard, come to Testing, Evaluation and Research Services, Room 686 Student Center Building, 5221 Gullen Mall (click here for map). Make your check or money order payable to Wayne State University. You may also use our public computer to make your credit card payment. Cash will not be accepted.
2. Online registration: Click on the "Register for a test" button at the bottom of this page.  This will lead you to the online registration system where you may pay with a credit or debit card and choose your test date. You will receive an email confirmation of your payment and registration.


Special accommodations

If you have a documented disability that requires testing accommodations, you will need to register with Student Disability Services for coordination of these accommodations. The Student Disability Services (SDS) office is located at 1600 David Adamany Undergraduate Library in the Student Academic Success Services Department. To schedule an appointment, call 313-577-1851. Information about SDS can be found at .


Register or Reschedule a test