Online Requirements

Online proctored exams are offered as a convenience for students that have difficulty coming to campus for in-person administrations.

Your registration for an online administration assumes that you have reviewed and possess the following requirements and accept the conditions for online testing.

Directions specific to your exam will be sent with your registration confirmation.

Technical Requirements. 

You must have the following equipment and capabilities:

  • A strong internet connection.  To reduce the possibility of internet disruption you should request that others near you refrain from using your same internet connection while you are testing.
  • A desktop or laptop computer with a screen of at least 13 inches.

Handheld devices: cell phones, or pads with screens less than 13 inches are insufficient for online testing.

  • A dual-monitor system is recommended (but not required) to have your communications program on one screen and your testing platform on the other.
  • A PC (Microsoft OS) device is recommended for most testing platforms.  Device requirements specific to your exam will be provided with your registration confirmation.
  • A webcam connected to or built into your device and mounted above your monitor at head level so that the camera captures your entire head/face and upper torso/shoulders.  You must remain facing the camera throughout the entire administration.
  • Speakers connected or built into your device so that you can hear the administrators’ introductory comments and directions.  Headphone speakers are allowed.
  • A microphone connected or built into your device or headphones. This will most likely remain muted during the administration but may prove helpful or necessary to have a direct communication with the administrator to resolve issues.

You may not use a cell phone as your webcam, speakers, or microphone.

  • You should feel comfortable with your equipment and the monitoring platform that you will be using and confident in your ability to understand and resolve technical issues that may arise.
  • Most exams will be proctored through Zoom.

It is our desire that the technical requirements of online testing not detract from your ability to perform on the exam to your maximum capability.  The Testing Office can provide only minimal technical and procedural support during the administration and does not possess the ability to remotely resolve any technical issues.

Equipment failure, including internet connection failure for any reason, can result in the premature completion of your exam and, in most cases, is not grounds for a retest.

Location/Seating Requirements. 

Your online proctored administration will carry the same attention to security as an in-person administration.  You should be in a physical situation as close to a classroom environment as possible.  You are not allowed to interact with anyone other than your online administrator and you may not have access to any aids other than those specifically approved for your exam.

  • The primary expectation is that you are testing at your home/residence.  You must be in a room by yourself and should instruct any nearby people that you are taking an exam and are not to be disturbed.
  • You may not take your exam in a public location unless they can provide you with a private room.  Some libraries or other institutions may offer this service.
  • During the administration you should be sitting upright at a solid desk that is parallel to the floor.  You will not be asked to give a full room scan with your camera, but you will be required to camera pan the desktop area where you are working.
  • You should consider the lighting when choosing your seated location.
    • It must be sufficient so that you and your surroundings can be see through the webcam.
    • Do not sit in front of a window or with other back lighting as this can cause glare in the camera.
  • Your webcam may not be set to a blurred or virtual background.  As stated above, you will not be asked to perform a full room scan with your camera (as some online testing companies require) but we do need to have a clear view of your surroundings within the camera range.


If you cannot meet these above technical and location/seating requirements, you should not register for an online administration and, instead, take an on-campus administration.


If you have any questions about these requirements contact the Testing Office at 313 577-3400 or