Administrators can help SET to be more effective

  • Select a SET coordinator. Coordinators play an integral role in making this process go smoothly.  Faculty and chairs are dependent upon SET coordinators to ensure accurate collection of the evaluations, and distribution of the results.  The most effective coordinators are responsible, long-term staff who manage deadlines well, are knowledgeable about their department and communicate well with faculty. They work closely with staff who schedule courses so that they become knowledgeable about cross-listings, team-taught courses, and other organizational details. Please encourage your SET coordinators to seek guidance as concerns arise by calling (313) 577-8999.
  • Ensure that the SET coordinator you choose can make SET a priority. 
  • Determine up to ten optional items that your department would like to use in the SET for specific feedback or to measure learning outcomes. To take advantage of this free service, distribute the items to your instructors so that they can hand them out to their students before SET administration.
  • Use the information from reports about global performance in decision-making.  The SET office will send these to you by the end of the following semester.