Evaluation assessment

Decision-making for Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) is guided by input from the oversight committee and ongoing assessment.

SET oversight committee

Decisions about Student Evaluation of Teaching improvements are made by an oversight committee. The committee has equal representation from administrators and faculty. Faculty are selected by the Faculty Union.

University presentations

Conference presentations

  • SET Year 2
    Hamandi, Hayder; Armes, Joshua; Woodward, Laura; & Ellis, Darin. (2022). Customizing Evaluation Calendars and Reporting Using Live URL Data Feeds and Blue API. Blue Notes Global, Chicago.
  • SET Year 1
    Woodward, Laura; Gresham, Reni; Siddiqui, Hamid; Lazic, Petar;  Smith, Kenya; & Ura, Andrew. (2021) Faculty and Student Engagement: The Key to Improving Response Rates in Online Evaluations. Blue Notes Global, Quebec.
  • 2N Committee Conference Presentation: Year 2
    Spannaus, Ouellett, Casey, Kernsmith, Smoller, Brockmeyer, & Woodward, (2016). Revisions to Student Evaluation of Teaching: Two Years of Experience and Some Remaining Challenges. Lilly Conference, Oxford, Ohio
  • 2N Committee Conference Presentation: Year 1 
    Spannaus, Ouellett, Casey, Kernsmith, Smoller, Brockmeyer, & Woodward. (2015). Revisions to Student Evaluation of Teaching: One Year of Experience? (PPTX) Lilly Conference, Oxford, Ohio.
  • 2N Committee Conference Presentation: Year 0 
    Spannaus, Kernsmith, Casey, Ouellett, Smoller, Brockmeyer, & Woodward, (2014).Improving Student Evaluation of Teaching at an Urban Research University: ?Many Goals, A Few Directions (PPTX). Lilly Conference, Oxford, Ohio.
  • Conference presentation by SET office 
    Woodward & Siddiqui (2013).Increasing  Student Evaluation Of Teaching (SET)  Response Rates Through Reminders (PDF). American Educational Research Association, 2013. San Francisco, CA