Students Who Have Registered for Orientation

Many students mistakenly believe they are not required to complete their placement exams before Orientation. This is not true. Your exams must be completed two weeks before your orientation date for you to schedule your classes when you meet with your advisor.  

This is important for all students, but especially for STEM students who did not submit ACT/SAT scores as part of the admissions process. 

Directions to take your tests are in the Orientation Canvas Class, located at, which you may access by using your WSU access id and password. If you have difficulty accessing this resource, please contact Orientation at 313-577-9019 or 

These are the most important sections:  

  • Scheduling Biology or Chemistry Placement Exam(s)    

  • Taking the Math Placement Exam in ALEKS  

  • Decision Trees about what exams are required in your area 

Please contact the Testing Office at or (313)577-3400 if you have any questions.