Online SET for Fall 2020

Please click here to read a message from the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs  

Per the University's Warrior, Safe is Warrior Strong Plan, the Testing, Evaluation, and Research Services Office will continue serving the university remotely in the current semester. All faculty, unless noted for exclusion by a SET coordinator, will be evaluated online. The following are important things to keep in mind.

  • Evaluation Period

    • The evaluation period is pre-determined by the length of the class, though departmental SET coordinators can change the dates SET Coordinator List.
    • Students and faculty will receive email invitations when the evaluation period begins.
    • Faculty may view the evaluation period for their course on their Response Rate Dashboard screen and send reminder emails to their students by clicking on the response details tab.
    • The Individual Faculty reports will be sent to faculty for review once the data has been processed, two to three weeks into the following semester, with the exception of Law School, who will receive their reports in mid-February.
Flow Chart of the Waiver Process
Waiver Procedure
  • Waiver
    • Soon after SET reports have been released, an email with instructions regarding the waiver option will be sent to faculty.  
    • Faculty will have an opportunity to review their results for a week after the waiver email is sent out and, if desired, to waive their reports. 
    • If the faculty waives their reports they are deleted and not shared with Administrators.
    • If no action is taken, the results will be included in administrative reports by default.
  • Paper Comments

    • We understand that some departments may be storing paper-based evaluations. 
    • Departments may contact the SET Office to make an appointment to deliver their paper-based evaluations or pick up comments.  In the meantime, comments are being stored safely until pick-up by the department.
    • The SET coordinator may email to arrange the details.  

Frequently Asked Questions

When will reports be available?

  • The fall 2020 semester quantitative/qualitative reports and waiver have been released to faculty email, except for Law School, whose reports will be available in mid-February. 
  • If you cannot locate your reports or waiver email, please check your junk or spam folders. You may also log on directly to view your reports at Access Reports and enter your access id/password. 

How does Online SET work?

  • All faculty and students will receive directions via email sent to their WSU address and also through Canvas. 
  • We used the system for the first time in the Fall, and the results were very good. Our input from faculty and students is shared at this link under Update from Student Evaluation of Teaching: Online SET Pilot 2020
  • Feel free to contact if you have questions about the system.