Course Evaluation Office

These are our steps to process student evaluation of teaching

  1. Send out the semester supplies form and distribute supplies based upon input from SET coordinators.
  2. Create labels for courses that are to be evaluated.  Package supplies and notify the department when ready for pickup. Supplies are processed in the order that the supplies form is returned; departments whose SET coordinators turn theirs in first receive their supplies the earliest.
  3. Proof the returned evaluations and prepare them for scanning.
  4. Separate the comments from the machine-readable forms. Notify coordinators when comments are available for pickup.
  5. Scan forms and ensure the accuracy of entered data. 
  6. Analyze data and create statistical reports of performance.
  7. Reports are processed in the order that SET packets are received, so the more efficient departments have their reports available the earliest.
  8. Email summary reports to chairs and individual reports to faculty.