College-Level Exam Program (CLEP)

Exam information

We are remaining closed for in-person testing for the immediate future.

 As the CLEP is a national test, the Wayne State Testing Office cannot institute alternate testing methods. However, you do not have to take the CLEP at Wayne State to use it for Wayne State credit.

The College Board/CLEP now has online testing available, per the policy explained here: This site also contains information about fees paid to CLEP and a search tool to locate centers that may be open.

In an effort to assist you we have also investigated and found the following CLEP centers, located within 80 miles of Wayne State, that have been or may be open at this time. We are providing their contact phone number or website address. Their inclusion on this list does not guarantee that they are currently available.

For Wayne State students only: There are additional ways to earn course credit. Please visit to learn more about Departmental Credit by Exam.

CLEP exam description and Wayne State CLEP policies below:

The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a national computer-based credit by examination program.  Most exams are timed for 90 minutes, though the  College Composition is timed for 120 minutes.  In addition to the test timing, plan to be at the test center approximately 30 additional minutes for check-in and check out procedures, etc. 

It is your responsibility to obtain the CLEP credit-granting policy of your college and to determine which CLEP test(s) you wish to take.  The CLEP policy for Wayne State University is available at

CLEP examination names, descriptions, and CLEP Exam Study Guides are available at  

When you report to the CLEP exam you must present a current, government-issued signed photo ID such as a driver's license, state ID, or passport.  The Wayne State OneCard or any other student ID is not acceptable.  When you register to take the CLEP you must use the full and complete name that appears on the ID that you will present; include all hyphenated parts of last and first names.  Nicknames, shortened versions of names, or preferred names that you might be using with the university cannot be used for CLEP.

CLEP examinations of the same title may not be repeated within three months of the original test date. CLEP scores earned in violation of the CLEP retest policy will be canceled and test fees forfeited.

If you have a documented disability that requires testing accommodations and wish to take CLEP at our test center, contact Testing, Evaluation, and Research Services before creating a CLEP account, processing a registration, or paying any fees.


  1. The CLEP service fee is $30.00 per test, payable to Wayne State University at the time of registration.  Service fees are non-transferable and non-refundable. Effective March 13, 2020, this policy is temporarily suspended if you wish to reschedule or postpone due to coronavirus concerns.
  2. The CLEP test fee is $89.00 per test.  All test-takers must establish a CLEP account and pay the exam fee online before your scheduled test date.  Online CLEP registration is at  When completing your CLEP registration use your entire first and last names exactly as they appear on your government-issued ID, even if they differ from the name you use with your university.
  3. Print your CLEP registration ticket and bring it with you to the test.  
  4. CLEP service and exam fees are subject to change without notice. 

Freshman year for free program

The Modern States Education Alliance provides free online CLEP courses.  Students who successfully complete a course will receive a voucher for CLEP fees. Click the link for information about the Freshman Year for Free program.  

On the day of the exam

Bring one form of government-issued identification, which must be valid and current, must bear the test taker's full name in English language characters, and must contain a photograph and a signature. The name on the identification must exactly match the name on the Registration Ticket, including the order of the names.  Acceptable forms of identification include a current driver's license, State ID, or passport. Unacceptable forms of identification include a student ID, credit or debit cards of any kind, a Social Security Card, or an Employee ID.  If you are unable to present acceptable identification, you cannot be tested.  Bring your CLEP Registration Ticket.

Do not bring aids of any kind (e.g., a calculator).  Any aid permitted for your exam (e.g., calculator, periodic table) is included in the test software.  Food, beverages, books, papers, cell phones, pagers, digital watches, mechanical pencils, etc. are also not permitted.  For a complete list of prohibited items read Information for Test Takers at  Scratch paper and a pencil are provided.  You will be required to lock up all of your personal belongings in a locker 12" wide x 16" deep X 11" high.

Examination schedule


All in-person test dates have all been canceled pursuant to the Governors Executive Order of March 23, 2020. 

The dates listed below indicate when the exam will be administered.  Their inclusion on this list does not necessarily mean that the date is available at this time.  These dates may close, reopen, and close again as students register and drop out prior to the test date.  Only the available dates will appear in the test registration system, select two or three of them from this list before logging into the system.

How to register for an examination

This examination is not administered on a walk-in basis.   You must register to reserve a seat for the examination at least one business day in advance of the desired test date provided that room capacity has not already been reached.  "Standby" registration is not available.

  1. In-Person Registration:  If you wish to pay your test fee(s) with a money order or WSU OneCard, come to Testing, Evaluation and Research Services, Room 686 Student Center Building, 5221 Gullen Mall (map). Make your money order payable to Wayne State University. You may also use our public computer to make your credit card payment. Cash and personal checks will not be accepted.

  2. Online registration: Click the "Register for a test" button at the bottom of this page.  You will be taken to the online registration system, where you may pay with a credit or debit card and choose your test date. You will receive confirmations via email for your payment and registration.

Please note: the online registration system will allow you to register for as many CLEP tests as you like, but you may only register for one session per transaction. You must select one session, pay, and then log back in for every additional session.