Alternatives to CLEP Testing

Departmental Credit by Exam

  • In addition to CLEP, some departments offer Credit by Special Examination, a program that allows a department to administer a test to a student, and based on that test, award a student credit for a test.  

This is how students can participate. 

Complete this form and consult with:  

  1. Your advisor to make sure that you need the test this semester. Ask them to email your departmental contact to indicate that you need this test this semester for graduation or placement. 

  1. The departmental contact below with a request for Credit by Exam for your desired course. (Approval from the student advisor is required before contacting the department offering the course.) 

  1. The Cashier's Office located on the 2nd floor of the Welcome Center. You will receive a receipt from the cashier's office which you can forward to your departmental contact. (Approval to test by the department is required before contacting the Cashier) 

  1. After your test, ask the department to approve the form and indicate the credit you should receive to

Credit by Exam Contacts (Directions for Departments)

Course Departmental Contact Email

Biology- BIO 1510

Ariel Delegol

Introductory Sociology- SOC 1010

David Merolla


Other departments not listed above may still participate.