Canvas Exam Setup

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As an additional support to instructors and faculty, Testing, Evaluation & Research Services (TERS) is providing Canvas Exam Setup, a new service to assist in adapting written/typed exams to Canvas.

Using Respondus, our department will be able to intake word documents of exams, then convert them to a file you will upload to Canvas.  Integrating exams into Canvas allows for student access to online tests through their course portal and the immediate generation of grade book scores after test submission. 

The following question formats can be accommodated: 

  • Multiple Choice / True or False:  one correct answer among two or more answer choices 
  • Multiple Response:  more than one correct answer among multiple answer choices 
  • Fill in the Blank  

Please use this format:

Instructor exams must be sent at least one week in advance of the exam's administration date. Like exam scoring, this is an inexpensive, but fee-based service, payable by your department. Please discuss this with your department chair and/or book-keeper so they may facilitate payment.

For inquiries about this service, please contact us at