At Wayne State University, we value student input. Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) surveys help us improve our courses, help instructors become better teachers, and provide our students with the best educational experience they can have.


 Winter 2023 - Course Evaluations  

  • Please contact your course instructor for the evaluation period. 

  • Save a Date and Time to complete your survey. 


The importance of SET:

Although we prefer students to complete an evaluation, they do have the option of opting out. However, keep in mind that once you submit an opt-out, it is irreversible. 

  • There are three ways students can access their online SET evaluation:
    1. Through the Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) link located on the left-hand side of the Canvas screen.
    2. Through the link provided in your invitation email, or
    3. Log into the Online SET system (enter access id/password).
  • When students provide specific feedback in their course evaluations, it helps instructors to improve their teaching methods and course material.
  • A recent update to SET has been made to help improve the quality of student responses and reduce bias in the evaluation of instructors. 
  • We hope that giving students access to their professors' SET data will show them how important they are to the process, improve participation, and help the university fulfill its mission of academic excellence.  

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