Wayne State University

What test should I take?

It depends.

  • For details about what test to take, please visit  the Advising Office.
  • For specific departmental requirements, visit your department. 
  • For transfer students, please schedule an appointment with your advisor. 

I want to test out of a requirement.

  • To place into a course you can use ACT, SAT, AP, and/or one of the four University Placement Exams (Biology, Chemistry, English, Math). 
  • To test out of a general education requirement (but earn no course credit) you can take the Critical Thinking or Oral Communication exams.
  • To test out of a requirement and earn course credit, you can take  CLEPAP, or Special Credit by Examination.

University Testing

Many students improve their performance from junior year of high school to first year of college if they took a particularly challenging course load their senior year. Certain requirements can be waived based on test scores. Some tests offer course credit and others don't.

Advanced Placement: AP

  • You can earn course credit via AP. These are typically taken in high school.
  • For details on tests we accept, please visit the Transfer Credit Website.

College Level Examination Program: CLEP

  • You can earn course credit via CLEP. 
  • For details on tests we accept, please visit the Transfer Credit Website.
  • To take the CLEP test at Wayne State, register here.

I want to take a class elsewhere.

  • WSU accepts transfer credit for many requirements, including general education courses.
  • For details, visit the Transfer Credit Website.


ACT and SAT are used to automatically place you into Biology, English and/or Math courses. The details are posted below. If you have questions about your automatic placement, please email testing@wayne.edu or call (313) 577-3400.


ACT and SAT Biology Placement*


Old SAT Critical Reading plus Mathematics

New SAT Total Score

ACT Composite

Biology 1500/1510

1090 or higher

1160 or higher

24 or higher

Biology 1050

1080 or below

1150 or lower

23 or below

*Effective Fall 2017. For Spring/Summer 2017 placement, please contact the Testing Office at 313-577-3400 option 3.

ACT and SAT English Placement

Placement OLD SAT  Writing NEW SAT Writing and Language ACT English

English 1020

480 or higher

28 or higher

21 or higher

English 1010

470 or below

27 or lower

20 or below

ACT and SAT Math Placement

Placement Old SAT Math Score New SAT Math Score ACT Math

MAT 2010 or lower

650 or higher

670 or higher

29 or higher

MAT 1110, 1120, 1500, 1800 or lower

600 or higher

620 or higher

26 or higher

MAT 0995, 1050 or lower

500 or higher

530 or higher

21 or higher

MAT 1000, STA 1020 or lower

450 or higher

490 or higher

18 or higher

MAT 0900 or 0993 (These two courses do not require any placement to enroll.)

440 or lower

480 or lower

Below 18