Rules for Credit by Special Exam

Taken from the Bulletin

Upon the recommendation of the Department Chairperson and with the written approval of the appropriate College or School office, a student may earn credit in a course in which he/she has not been regularly enrolled in this University, but which is offered by a Department, by passing a special examination. Credit by a special examination is restricted as follows:

  1. Not more than sixteen credits may be earned in any one subject.
  2. Credit will be recorded with grade to indicate the level of performance in the examination but will not be considered in computing grade point average.
  3. Credit will not be considered residence credit.
  4. To be eligible to earn Credit by Special Examination, a student must have been regularly admitted or have attended with guest status, have enrolled for one semester and have completed at least one course. 

Students who intend to transfer to other schools are cautioned that Credit by Special Examination at one institution is infrequently accepted for transfer credit by another institution.