Working in collaboration with the Provost's Office, we offer services to help support classroom or program assessment efforts. We can assist by helping to score surveys completed on optical recognition paper.

  • For information about assessment efforts in course evaluation, please follow this link
  • For help scoring scantron surveys, please contact
  • For information about how to improve your academic tests, which we score, please follow this link 

University-wide Assessment Efforts

  • CIRP is a survey given to incoming first-year students to find out their interests and needs before they begin classes. 
  • FSSE is a survey given to faculty to assess approaches they use to improve student engagement.
  • General Education Learning Outcomes Measurement: This learning outcomes measure is performed at the end of the semester, to help assess whether a course met the goals it was intended to cover by the General Education Oversight Committee (GEOC). Results are collected on a course level, and no identifying information about students or instructors are collected. We provide feedback to the GEOC and chairs each year about the performance of the course as a whole. 
  • NSSE is a survey given to first-year and senior-level students to assess their level of engagement with the university.

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