Biology Placement Exam

Exam information

August 31, 2021:

  • Testing for Fall 2021 classes has ended
  • The new schedule and testing methods will be posted by October 1st

Please note:

  • This is a test for placement into WSU Biology classes, NOT for course credit. If you are interested in credit by exam, please visit the CLEP page for more information.

The purpose of the Biology Placement Exam is to determine appropriate course placement for introductory biology coursework.  Several introductory courses at Wayne State University (WSU) are taught with the expectation that the student has attained a certain level of prior knowledge and skill in the subject. Placement tests have been designed to ensure that you have the required prior knowledge before taking a class. It is better to be placed into a lower level course by an examination than to fail a higher-level course for which you are not adequately prepared. Prepare to do your best by reviewing the material on the web sites indicated and getting plenty of rest the night before your exam(s).  

The American College Test (ACT) or the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores in reading, writing, and mathematics are used to determine placement into BIO 1050, 1500 or 1510. 

ACT Composite Score

SAT Reading + Writing + Mathematics Scores                   
(March 2016 and later) 

24 or higher = placement into BIO 1500/1510

1160 or higher = placement into BIO 1500/1510

23 or below = placement into BIO 1050

1150 or below = placement into BIO 1050


  1. The ACT or SAT scores used may not be from an exam taken more than two years prior to enrollment in the course.
  2. If you have taken the ACT and/or SAT more than once, only the most recent score will be considered. If the most recent ACT and/or SAT scores were taken during the same month and year, the highest score will be used.

As an alternate or additional method of placement, a student placing into BIO 1050 via the ACT or SAT may take the Biology Placement Exam if he/she wishes to attempt placement into BIO 1500 or 1510. Students who have not taken the ACT or SAT or have scores more than two years old must take the Biology Placement Exam to determine course placement.

The Biology Placement Exam is a computer-based, 50-item multiple-choice test. For remote testing, examinees will be given 90 minutes. No aids are permitted. You may take the Biology Placement Exam once per semester, and examination results are valid for three semesters. The examination content is based on a one-year high school biology course that included a laboratory. Resources to help you prepare for the exam are available at

Rescheduling, refunds, and fees

  1. The examination fee is $25.00.
  2. You may reschedule a test registration a maximum of three times per fee payment.
  3. A refund can be processed only if it is made before the day of the examination. Requests for refunds made on or after the examination date, or after the third reschedule, cannot be honored.
  4. Examination fees not rescheduled or refunded are subject to forfeiture after one calendar year.
  5. Test fees are subject to change without notice.

Prior to and on the day of the examination (method for W2022 tbd) 

For remote testing you will be sent detailed instructions by 6:00 p.m. the day before the exam. These instructions will be sent to your WSU access ID email address. If you do not find them in your inbox, check your Junk or Spam folders. If you have not receieved them send an email to and they will be resent the morning of the exam. 

The test will be administered through the Canvas Learning Management System.  You log into this system using your own WSU Access ID and password. Scratch paper is allowed.

For in person testing, bring your WSU OneCard, or government-issued, current, signed, photo-bearing identification (e.g., driver's license, state ID). The identification presented must be an original document.  Valid identification is required to test. You will also need your WSU Access ID and password.  Scratch paper and a pencil will be provided.  Be on time. Late arrivals will not be admitted.

Examination schedule

Exams taken during the Spring/Summer semester are valid for Fall 2021, Winter 2022, and Spring/Summer 2022 

  • The last date for Fall 2021 classes was August 30th. 

  • Test dates for Winter 2022 placement will be posted by October 1st

How to register for an examination

  1. Online registration: Click the "ASTRO" button on the bottom of this page.  This will lead you to the online registration system where you may pay with a credit or debit card and choose your test date. You will receive an email confirmation  of your payment and registration
    • Your payment receipt will be sent to whatever email address you put into the payment system
    • Your registration confirmation will be sent to your WSU access ID email address 
  2. In Person Registration: ***NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE If you wish to pay your test fee(s) with a check, money order, or WSU OneCard, come to Testing, Evaluation and Research Services, Room 686 Student Center Building, 5221 Gullen Mall (map). Make your check or money order payable to Wayne State University. You may also use our public computer to make your credit card payment. Cash will not be accepted.

When registration for a test date has closed, it will no longer be displayed in ASTRO. Dates will close when filled or when registration ends according to the following:

  • Monday test dates – the preceding Friday
  • Tuesday test dates – the preceding Monday
  • Wednesday test dates – the preceding Tuesday
  • Thursday test dates – the preceding Wednesday
  • Friday test dates – the preceding Thursday

Special accommodations

If you have a documented disability that requires testing accommodations, you will need to register with Student Disability Services for coordination of these accommodations. The Student Disability Services (SDS) office is located at 1600 David Adamany Undergraduate Library in the Student Academic Success Services Department. To schedule an appointment, call 313-577-1851. Information about SDS can be found at .

Click ASTRO to go to our online registration system
once you have read and understood the above instructions