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TERS shares faculty tips
A recent presentation to faculty shared the recent changes in Testing, Evaluation, and Research Services. Included in this presentation are the percentage of faculty who decided to waive faculty evaluations due to instructional method changes related to the closure of in-person testing. Also included in this presentation are tips to reduce cheating in online testing.
Testing has been Recertified, Maintaining National Recognition!
Wayne State University – Testing, Evaluation, and Research Services has been Recertified, Maintaining National Recognition!  With millions of educational, certification, and licensure tests administered in the U.S. every year, the need for secure testing environments and trained testing staff has never been greater.  One local test center has set the bar high for other post-secondary test centers and achieved national status as a leader in excellent testing practices. 
Testing Office Continues to Serve Students Remotely
Our testing centers are continuing to test students remotely. Click here to learn more about how to use this service.
Tests are continuing to be administered
Tests are continuing to be administered
Attention Advisors
Best time for CLEP testing is right now
Testing Center Honored
University Testing Center honored by CLEP for testing integrity.