Faculty Evaluate Traditionally

  • Students should be given a minimum of 15 minutes to complete the evaluation in class, and the instructor shall give notice in advance of the meeting at which the evaluation will take place.

  • The evaluation meeting shall take place within the last three weeks of classes, prior to final exams, in the Fall and Winter semesters and the last week of class in the Spring/Summer semester. Evaluations must NOT be completed outside of class or during final exam periods.

  • The instructor must not administer the evaluation him/herself but should designate a student to serve in this capacity.

  • Provide the student with the envelope in which to place the completed forms, and give him/her instructions as to where the envelope is to be delivered.  (This will usually be the department, school, college or division office.)

  • No student shall be asked to sign his/her name to an evaluation form, but may do so if he/she wishes.

  • The instructor should not be present while students are completing evaluation forms, but may encourage students to provide written comments before leaving the room.

  • The department/school/college/division shall be responsible for assuring the completed forms, properly identified by the course number, section number, call number, instructor's name and semester and year are delivered to the SET office for tabulation within ten days of the last regular day of classes for the semester.