SET Student Inquires

Thank you for contacting the SET office. We are now accepting all requests to resolve course evaluation-related issues through our new SET Service Request (SSR) Form. Before submitting an SSR, you may find the solution to your problem under our General Inquiry section. Please look there first.

General Inquiries/Problems

  • If you did not receive an evaluation invitation: 
    • Please check your email, junk, clutter, or spam folders.
  • There are 3 ways for students to access the Online SET system:
    1. Through the SET link in Canvas,
    2. The link provided in the invitation email, or
    3. Log directly into the Online SET system and enter your access id/password.
  • Students receiving grade block messages may complete their evaluation or select the opt-out feature. Selecting the opt-out and signing back in will allow students to view their grades. However, once you choose the opt-out feature, it is permanent. We cannot go back and retrieve the evaluation.
  • The evaluation period is over and you missed the deadline: 
    • You may contact the appropriate departmental SET Coordinator for your course to see if an extension is possible.

If a solution is not listed above, submit an SSR General Inquiry request form below. Please include the course name/number and instructor name/access id; entering more information than less is always preferable and will allow us to provide more detailed assistance to you.

General Inquiry

NOTE:  Once you submit your request, the Cherwell Portal page will appear which indicates your request has been received.  We will try to complete your request as quickly as possible. For a quick turnaround, please provide as much detail as possible on the form that is selected.