SET Coordinators

New Duties for SET Coordinators

Our recent changes to online delivery of Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) because of COVID 19, have resulted in changes to SET coordinator duties. If these duties should be completed by a different staff person, please have the chair or dean complete this form as soon as possible.

Old Duties New Duties
Count forms and assemble supplies. Counting is no longer required. 
Retrieve boxes of unassembled supplies and document receipt. Retrieval is no longer required. 

Distribute envelopes to the faculty members.

Distribution is no longer required. 

Ensure the return of each packet, following up on unreturned packets.

Return is no longer required. 

Deliver packets to the testing office 

Delivery is no longer required. 

Retrieve comments and distribute them to faculty 

Retrieval is no longer required. 

Update Banner/Wise before Census Day as a starting point to collaborative work toward completing an accurate supply order.  

Ensures accuracy and completeness in Banner/Wise before Census Day.  

We can no longer update a simple spreadsheet after Census Day. 

Develop workarounds when there were last-minute changes. Collaborate with SET to account for missing or incorrect data after Census Day. 

Makes changes in the Online SET system. 

This requires a high degree of comfort with computers.

Helps to coordinate issues with the department.  

Acts on the behalf of the chair and instructor to request changes occurring after Census Day. 

Submits online change requests for student updates, faculty updates, course additions, and cross-listed classes which should be evaluated together.

Completes updates to the evaluation window in the new Online SET system, particularly the last day the evaluation should be available to students.

SET coordinators will require the trust of the chair/dean to check with them and follow their wishes, particularly if the evaluation must be extended beyond the last day of classes.