SET Coordinators

Staff can help SET to be more effective

  • Carefully review and follow the instructions that are provided to identify your courses and instructors in WISE as to who should be evaluated pencil-paper, evaluated online, or not evaluated at all.
  • Promptly and fully respond to follow-up requests, which will ask questions concerning imprecisely identified courses/instructors, and request confirmation of cross-listings and identification of the method of evaluation.
  • Promptly pick-up supplies when you are notified that they are ready. 
  • Check-in your supplies.  Confirm that you have received the correct amount of SET forms and envelopes as indicated in the paperwork accompanying the supplies before you begin to assemble your packets.  Any discrepancies should be immediately reported to the SET Office for correction.
  • Verify the envelope labels before affixing them to the envelopes.  Make any necessary corrections and report those changes to the SET Office.
  • Assemble the supplies by affixing the label to its proper place on the envelope and putting the proper amount of forms, based on current enrollment, into the envelope.  If the enrollment has changed, please note that change on the label.  Do not provide more forms than the class requires.  The amount of forms received is based on the total enrollment and overpacking will result in insufficient forms for all courses. Envelopes should hold up to 120 forms.  If the enrollment is greater, create additional envelopes and number them 1 of X, 2 of X, etc.
  • Distribute SET packets to the instructors. The packet should include additional instructions that inform the in-class student SET administrator where and when the completed SET packet should be returned. 
  • Accept delivery of and account for SET packets. Note missing packets and follow up with faculty so that all are accounted for and returned.
  • Deliver packets to SET Office.  DO NOT send through interoffice mail.  
  • Promptly pick-up SET comments when notified they are ready from the SET Office.
  • Distribute comments to respective faculty.