Online SET for Spring/Summer 2021

Please click here to read a message from the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs

All faculty, unless noted for exclusion by their departmental SET coordinator, will be evaluated online. Please review the following as it may answer some of your questions regarding the evaluation process.

Online SET Process -- What You Need to Know 

SET Waiver Process

  • Faculty and students receive their Invitation emails via WSU (Wayne State University) email on the same day.  
  • There are three ways for faculty to access the Online SET system:   
    • Canvas 

    • The link provided in the invitation email, or 

    • Log directly into the Online SET system at (enter your access id/password). 

  • The Online SET system automatically sends reminder emails to students who have not started or completed their evaluations. Faculty may also view and monitor students' overall responses in real-time and schedule class time to conduct their assessment as a group rather than individually. 

  • The Response Rate Dashboard provides the following:  
    • The evaluation period start and end dates. Please contact your departmental SET coordinator with any questions or adjustments to the dates.  

    • During the evaluation period, faculty may release reminders to their students by clicking on the Response Details tab.  

Scheduled Reports 

  • Reports for Spring, Spring/Summer, and Summer classes will not be available until after the completion of the Spring/Summer semester.
  • Report previews will be released to faculty directly, after all courses, university-wide, have been completed, three to four weeks after the semester ends. 
  • A waiver email will be released after faculty receive their faculty score reports. Faculty will have one week, from the day of waiver receipt, to complete the waiver request.  

  • Waived reports will be deleted. Deletions are permanent. We cannot undelete a report. Reports that are not waived will be included in administrative reports.

  • Administrative Reports in Academica will be available after the waiver process completes, about two months after the semester begins.

  • New faculty will receive access to the Academica reports interface at that time.  

Supplemental Questions

In addition to the SET instrument questions, faculty can design and add up to ten supplemental questions that will support their course's teaching goals.  Simply email the questions to students before the evaluation period begins and direct them to enter their responses in the 'Instructor Supplied Items' section.  You will receive reports on these questions as part of your regular reports.  Just remember to save the questions you distribute.

Pencil-paper Comments from Fall 2019  

The university moved to remote operations while our office was processing. Many departments have not yet returned to campus or picked up the comments. We have appointments available for departments to pick these up. Please email for an appointment.