SET Service Request Form

Thank you for contacting the SET office. Before submitting an SSR, please view the General Inquiry section first.  If a solution is not listed, simply scroll down and proceed to submit an SSR form.    

General Inquiry Questions

  • If students did not receive an evaluation invitation: 
  • The evaluation period is over and students want to submit an evaluation.
    • Faculty may contact the appropriate departmental SET Coordinator for their course to see if an extension is possible.
  • There are three ways for faculty and students to access the Online SET system:
  1. Through the SET link on the left-hand side of the Canvas screen.
  2. The link provided in the invitation email, or 
  3. By logging directly into the Online SET system, (enter your access id/password).
  • Faculty Student Evaluation of Teaching Link does not appear in Canvas.
    • Please confirm with C&IT that your course is set up in Canvas.
    • If it does appear, but the link does not work, please submit an SSR below.
    • Please contact your departmental SET Coordinator regarding any questions or adjustments to your evaluation set-up. 

Submitting a SET Service Request (SSR) Form

Simply click on the option below that best suits your needs.

NOTE:  Once you submit your request, the Cherwell Portal page will appear which indicates your request has been received.  We will try to complete your request as quickly as possible. For a quick turnaround, please provide as much detail as possible on the form that is selected.