Research on Student Evaluation of Teaching

Conference Presentations

  • SET Year 2

    • Hamandi, Hayder; Armes, Joshua; Woodward, Laura; & Ellis, Darin. (2022). Customizing Evaluation Calendars and Reporting Using Live URL Data Feeds and Blue API. Blue Notes Global, Chicago.

  • SET Year 1

    • Woodward, Laura; Gresham, Reni; Siddiqui, Hamid; Lazic, Petar;  Smith, Kenya; & Ura, Andrew. (2021) Faculty and Student Engagement: The Key to Improving Response Rates in Online Evaluations. Blue Notes Global, Quebec.

  • 2N Committee Year 2 (PDF)

    • Spannaus, Ouellett, Casey, Kernsmith, Smoller, Brockmeyer, & Woodward, (2016). Revisions to Student Evaluation of Teaching: Two Years of Experience and Some Remaining Challenges. Lilly Conference, Oxford, Ohio

  • 2N Committee Year 1 (PDF)

    • Spannaus, Ouellett, Casey, Kernsmith, Smoller, Brockmeyer, & Woodward. (2015). Revisions to Student Evaluation of Teaching: One Year of Experience? (PPTX) Lilly Conference, Oxford, Ohio.

  • 2N Committee Year 0 (PDF)

    • Spannaus, Kernsmith, Casey, Ouellett, Smoller, Brockmeyer, & Woodward, (2014).Improving Student Evaluation of Teaching at an Urban Research University: ?Many Goals, A Few Directions (PPTX). Lilly Conference, Oxford, Ohio.

  • Conference Presentation by SET Office  (PDF)

    • Woodward & Siddiqui (2013).Increasing  Student Evaluation Of Teaching (SET)  Response Rates Through Reminders (PDF). American Educational Research Association, 2013. San Francisco, CA