Online SET - Fall 2022

If you have not already done so, please check the online SET screen guide to familiarize yourself with the updated interface.

Please review the following as it may answer some of your questions regarding the evaluation process.

Online SET Process -- What You Need to Know 

  1. Through the SET link on the left-hand side of the Canvas screen.
  2. The link provided in the invitation email, or 
  3. By logging directly into the Online SET system, (enter your access id/password).
  • The Online SET system automatically sends reminder emails to students who have not started or completed their evaluations.

  • Faculty can also view and monitor students' total responses via their Response Rate Dashboard and arrange a class time to conduct their evaluation as a group rather than individually.

  • The Response Rate Dashboard View Settings provides the following:  
    • The students' evaluation period start and end dates. Please contact your departmental SET Coordinator with any questions or adjustments to the dates.  
    • During the evaluation period, faculty may release reminder emails to their students through Canvas.  

Scheduled Reports 

  • Quantitative and qualitative reports are released to faculty about three to four weeks after the semester ends. 
  • Administrative reports are available in the COGNOS report archive two months after the start of the new semester.
  • New faculty will receive access to the COGNOS report interface at that time.  

Supplemental Questions

If you want to tailor questions to your specific teaching approach and circumstances, please consider designing up to ten additional questions and distributing them to students before the evaluation period begins. Instruct students to enter their responses in the Instructor Supplied Items section of Online SET. You will receive responses to these questions in your SET reports. Just remember to keep a copy of the questions and scale so you can interpret the results.