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  • Promotion, tenure, and selective salary committees all rely on information from the evaluation of teaching to make their decisions.
  • SET staff will send summaries of your evaluation scores to you two semesters after the data is collected. Items 1, 2, and 24 from the instructor's Individual Report are used for administrative decisions. These questions appear on page 1 of the Individual Report. 
  • Instructors with report-related questions may contact the Course Evaluation Office at 313-577-0469.  
  • Result interpretation and scatter plots broken down by University, College/School, and Department are available by request by contacting set@wayne.edu or calling (313)577-3400. 

Help us to help you

  • Inform SET Coordinators and follow up with the course evaluation office for all courses which you intend to evaluate online.  

Evaluate Online Evaluate In Person

  • Verify your personal information.  When you receive your evaluation packet confirm that the envelope label has your name and access ID.  Failure to have the correct instructor information will result in improperly credited results.
  • Verify your course information.  Carefully check to ensure that you have received the correct packet for the course or courses that you are teaching and take care to bring the correct packet to the correct class.
  • Read and follow the instructions printed on the back of the envelope to make any label corrections.  These instructions also provide you with evaluation guidelines and directions for administering the evaluation. Instructions for student administration are on the front of the envelope as well. 
  • Make use of the Instructor Supplied items.  You can give your class up to ten additional questions which they can answer on the evaluation form.  This is a great way to get specialized feedback and measure learning outcomes for your class or department painlessly.
  • Use information from your individual reports and comments to grow as an instructor.  Comments are distributed by the department SET coordinator during the middle of the following semester after evaluations have been collected in your class.  Individual Reports are emailed to the instructor's WSU email address towards the end of the following semester.
  • Use information about your global performance to demonstrate your teaching skills in personnel decisions. SET staff will send these to you two semesters after the data is collected. To view your archived evaluations online, please follow these directions.  Items 1, 2, and 24 from the instructor's Individual Report are used for administrative decisions.These questions appear on page 1 of the Individual Report. Instructors who wish to know details of scoring on the individual report may contact OTL at (313) 577-1980, or the Course Evaluation Office at 313-577-0469.
  • Request support by emailing set@wayne.edu if you would like evaluations from two course sections combined into one report, particularly in cases of cross-listed courses. Please note the CRN numbers of the courses in your email.
  • Follow the academic calendar when scheduling final exams and posting grades, particularly if you teach an online course. The online evaluation is open until the last official scheduled day of class. If you administer your final exam early, students will have the opportunity to evaluate your class knowing how they performed on that exam. 
  • Save your evaluations from year to year and access them online through Academica. You can retrieve up to seven years of archived data.