Important faculty information

  • The promotion, tenure, and selective salary committees all rely on information from the Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) to make their decisions.
  • The results of SET data collected the previous semester is returned to faculty toward the end of the following semester. Once completed they are emailed to the instructors WSU email address.
  • Items 1, 2, and 24 are used for administrative decisions. These questions appear at the bottom of the Faculty Individual Report and Longitudinal Report. 
  • Make use of the Instructor Supplied Items.  You can give your class up to ten additional questions which they can answer on the evaluation form.  This is a great way to get specific feedback and measure learning outcomes for your class or department.
  • Combining courses.  Chair approval is required, please have your chair send an email to set@wayne indicating which courses are to be combined and which course/CRN should be the one of record, particularly in cases of cross-listed courses.  The course name, course number, section and course reference number of the courses should be included in your email as well.
  • To learn strategies to increase student participation in SET, click here.
  • For assistance retrieving SET reports, please contact the SET Helpdesk at (313) 577-2777. 
  • For assistance with statistical questions and/or special reports please contact (313) 577-0469.