As an instructor, we know that getting feedback from your students is an important part of your teaching practice. From interpreting your SET reports to taking action on the feedback you receive from your students, Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) is here to make your course feedback process as easy and valuable as possible. The promotion, tenure, and selective salary committees also rely on the Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) information to make decisions.

Please take a moment to review the SET Instrument changes, which will help you see the recent updates from the 2N Committee to improve SET and the Cross-listings Report update for areas previously requested Ad Hoc Reporting to combine courses into one evaluation that have different CRN numbers. 


Helpful hints

  • Your departmental SET coordinator reviews courses and decides which are to be evaluated or not evaluated. They then set up each course with the appropriate evaluation period.
  • Faculty may contact their SET coordinator regarding their evaluation period and also ask them any questions regarding SET. 
  • Faculty should regularly remind students of their course evaluation period and advise them to check their WSU email for their survey invitation or Canvas for the Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) link.
  • Faculty may also schedule class time to have their students complete their course survey and monitor students' overall response rate in real-time through their Response Rate Dashboard.  
  • Make use of the Instructor Supplied Items. You can give your class up to ten additional questions, which they can answer on the evaluation form. This is a great way to get specific feedback and measure learning outcomes for your class or department. Just email the questions to your students and direct them to note their multiple choice answers in the online form's 'Instructor Supplied Item' section.