Wayne State University

Placement Testing: Math

MathAbout the test

  • Students interested in general education competency or placement below Math 2010 need only sit for the first half of the exam, a 40-item multiple-choice test covering arithmetic, algebra, and geometry, timed for 80 minutes.
  • Students interested in placement into Math 2010 (Calculus I), also sit for a 55-item multiple-choice test covering arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and elementary functions, timed for 2 hours.
  • No aids are permitted.  
  • The examination fee is $25.00.

Test Takers

  • Hope to place out of their general education requirement of Math 1000. 
  • Have not completed Math 1000 or an equivalent course at another university or tested out by AP or CLEP.
  • Have ACT scores older than two years or no ACT score.
  • Are interested in taking a higher level of math and want to challenge their placement.

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