Wayne State University


Reports have been improved and automated

Testing, Evaluation and Research Services, in collaboration with the Associate Provost for Academic Personnel, has developed a common report for documenting Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) data for individual faculty. These standard reports form part of the required documentation for such processes as tenure track renewals, annual selective salary reviews, and applications for tenure and promotion. 

This newly developed Longitudinal Report contains historical records for the AAUP contract items listed below.

  • How would you rate this course?
  • How much have you learned in this course?
  • The average "How would you rate the instructor's teaching in this course?".
  • Before enrolling, I had an interest in the subject matter of this course.
  • I wanted to take this course.

Directions to retrieve SET reports through Academica are posted online. You can retrieve up to seven years of archived data.

The Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) Instrument has been revised

During the Fall 2014 semester, we launched a significantly revised Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) instrument. The 2N SET Committee  worked closely with the Student Government Association, Academic Senate Policy Committee, Course Evaluation Office, and senior academic administrators with the goals of increasing student response rates for the SET and making the SET more useful to faculty.

To that end, a series of changes to the SET process will be inaugurated in Fall 2014, including:

  • The 22 question SET protocol contains a total of 19 significantly revised questions.
  • The three items used for tenure and promotion (previously Questions 1, 2 and 24) are now co-located at the bottom of the form and continue to be confidential.
  • Instructors are able to add up to ten unique questions tailored for their course goals, suitable for several types of instruction (e.g., lab, lecture, discussion; beginning vs. advanced seminars; differences in content), as well as accommodating traditional, hybrid and online course contexts.
  • The newly revised questionnaire will be implemented for all Fall 2014 courses.
  • With a WSU access ID, students and faculty will have online access to the results of the first 19 questions beginning in summer 2015.

For instructors

These changes come in the current context of broader review of instruction such as the inauguration of peer observation of teaching. Students and faculty will be invited to give regular feedback to improve how students access and use these data.

For students

It is hoped that the release of SET data will be a catalyst to higher and more complete participation by students in the course evaluation process and provide additional information to help students select their courses. (As historical context, the publication of SET data was standard practice at Wayne State University until recently and stopped only due to budget constraints related to the publication of the data).