Wayne State University

Testing, Evaluation and Research Services


Testing, Evaluation and Research Services is dedicated to providing fair, secure, and professional testing and assessment services to students, faculty, and administrators. These services support:

  • Student demonstration of subject mastery through testing to meet University requirements.
  • Community demonstration of subject mastery through external, high stakes tests.
  • Faculty member access to machine scoring of exams.
  • Student feedback to administrators and faculty about instructor performance in the classroom.
  • Faculty and administrator education regarding best practices in testing.

Our department is committed to ongoing assessment.

Services Available


  • Entrance examinations
  • Credit by examination via the College-Level Examination Program
  • Qualifying examinations for course selection
  • Test-out options for the University General Education Requirements
  • Tests required by professional associations and for licensing agencies

Student Evaluation of Teaching

  • Helping faculty document their performance
  • Providing reports for committees and administrators
  • Informing student decisions about course registration

Research and Faculty Exam Scoring

  • Helping faculty reduce the scoring load in large courses
  • Providing assistance in test item improvement
  • Conducting ongoing assessment of office.